Why choose Gary West Productions?

The company motto – Photographic Excellence – says it all.

Very few studios can match our 45 years of experience and knowledge. From the beginning to the end of each engagement, everyone at Gary West Productions works to put our clients at ease and deliver the best in photographic and video memories.

Our passion for the pictures and the process is clear. We get to know you and learn to tell your story with insight and sensitivity.

In our 45 years of existence, we’ve delivered photo and video memories to more than 15,000 clients. Our loyal client base is multi-generational; we even cover the events of the grandchildren of our first clients!

We also are a one-stop-shop. Instead of working with separate photographers, videographers, picture-booth operators, and so on, you can have all services under one roof.

We continue to innovate as new technologies come along, and offer these to you as part of a total package. Our offerings include photos, picture booths, video, Reflection Montages (photo/video montages of your life, from infancy to today), and custom prints and photo books – all tailored specifically for your event.

Our most exciting recent addition is the Live Screen Surprise Show, consisting of still and video images were taken at your event, and within minutes projected – LIVE – on a large movie screen at the event! We continue to re-invent the wheel in photographic entertainment, as well as in making your great memories last forever!

Gary West Productions, Inc.: GWP HISTORIC PHOTOS &emdash; GSW 1968

About Gary West

Company founder Gary West has been passionate about photography since age 10 when he got his first Nikon camera.(see photo on the left side) His father, a Los Angeles eye surgeon with a celebrity clientele, encouraged Gary’s talent with visits to TV sets and movie premieres. To this day, these Hollywood experiences continue to fuel Gary’s passion for delivering first-rate photographic and video entertainment.

Gary’s career as a photographer blossomed quickly. At age 11, he was one of Pinecrest Schools’ yearbook photographers. A few years later, while studying at Cal State Northridge and working in the camera department at Fedco, the Eastman Kodak company took notice and selected Gary as an intern. Gary trained in photography at Kodak’s headquarters in Rochester, NY, and later worked in Kodak’s Hollywood lab as a color inspector.

After stints at pay-TV operator ONTV (National Subscription Television), Spectra-American Color Lab, and various photo studios in the Valley, Gary had built up his client base to the point where he established his studio, offering both photo and video services.

Gary met the person who would be his favorite subject in the early ’90s – comedian and actor George Burns. The two remained friends until Burns’ death at age 100 in 1996. In one of their final meetings, Burns provided Gary with some pearls of wisdom: “Stay with what you love.”

A few years later, while photographing a wedding, Gary met Neysa, a wedding coordinator who was working at the same event. Neysa ultimately became his wife, and a true photographic partnership was born. They married in 1998, and now have a combined family of five children.

In their spare time, Gary and Neysa love to travel with cameras in hand, especially to Hawaii and Europe, and to spend time with friends and family.